Watch Atlanta-based Navelle Hice's music video for "Holy Prez" off his newest project Hopeman 2: Make America Hope Again

"The opening track, "Holy Prez", speaks about the responsibility he's been charged with of spreading hope to others that he himself cannot forget that he also needs to go to the source of all hope which can only be found in God alone." a press release stated.



"With there being constant debate in the Christian Hip Hop Industry regarding the labels and genres of artists, Big Yae releases his new single “Bad Guy” which takes a stand for CHH while also calling for unity from the artists. While rapping over trap drums and 808’s, Yae calls for “Christian Rappers” and “Rappers who are Christian” to stop fighting over each other’s labels and respective missions. “Bad Guy” is the first release from Big Yae’s upcoming EP titled About Time, which will be released Spring 2017." a press release stated.


Listen to Reggie Rocc's single "Rocc Bottom," featuring Ceej, from his latest album Soliloquy released in January. 

"As a child growing up Reginald "Reggie Rocc" Jones was the example of being a product of your environment. His whole family was known as being the dope dealers in his home-town and he fought to find his own identity for a long time. Through that process he found himself in jail, drinking his life away, and sleeping with countless women to ease the pain and confusion of his childhood. Reggie Rocc found himself in a similar place that many people experience in their life-time today and that is "Rock Bottom". From this concept Reggie started the brand Rocc Bottom and switched from being a secular artist to a Gospel Rapper after getting saved and becoming closer to God. "Soliloquy" is Reggie Rocc first true album and it embodies his story as a artist." a press release stated.



While our last Andy Mineo post may have been an April Fool's joke, this one is certainly not. According to an Instagram live video, the Reach rapper wants to drop a mixtape this summer. 

"So the hope is to drop a mixtape for the summer, and a project, and do a Fall tour, and do the whole deal, and have a real good time ya dig,” Mineo said on Instagram Live, reported CHH Today. “So that’s how we doing it.”

Mineo showed off a few song, one of which was called "Magic Bird." One of the new songs features Wordsplayed on it, but it is unclear whether he is on "Magic Bird." 


Andy Mineo, Marty of Social Club Misfits, and KJ-52 are teaming up for the “Paisano’s Wylin Tour” in October, just in time for Italian Heritage Month. 

Mineo says he always envisioned doing something for his culture, and felt Italians are underrepresented in Hip-Hop.

“The track is definitely a crowd favorite, so why not make a tour out of it with my fellow Paisano’s.” 

The self-proclaimed Italian Stallion himself, Marty of Social Club Misfits, is excited to go out on tour with Andy, a great friend, and KJ, a mentor. 

“Rolling with these guys will make every night a pizza party,” the half Sicilian said laughing. 

KJ-52, who grew up in Florida and mostly around Latino’s, is grateful to be doing something with some fellow Italians. 

“Yeah man, for years people have thought I was Puerto Rican, but the last name is Sorrentino!” he said. "Ultimately, Andy and Marty made me an offer I couldn't refuse." 

Tour Dates:

***Indicates intimate VIP performance

Oct 2 - Theater at Madison Square Garden - NY, NY
Oct 3 (Morning) - Famous Ray's Pizza - NY, NY *** 
Oct 3 - Electric Factory - Brooklyn, NY
Oct 5 (Morning) - Goodfella's Pizza, Staten Island, NY *** 
Oct 5 - St. George Theatre - Staten Island, NY
Oct 7 - D'Jais Night Club - Seaside Heights, NJ
Oct 8 - Stony Pony - Asbury Park, NJ
Oct 9 (Morning) - Paisano's Pizza - Hoboken, NJ *** 
Oct 9 - PNC Bank Arts Theater - Holmdel, NJ
Oct 15 - St. Peter’s Basilica - Vatican City, Rome, Italy 


Watch S.O.'s music video for his latest released single "Riding Through Nacogdoches." 

"The label’s first international artist – born in Nigeria and raised in London – S.O. recently relocated to Texas. The song’s title is reflective of a drive he now makes routinely.

“My church in Texas where I live is off of that road,” S.O. said. “I drive there at least three times a week. The song is just me saying, ‘Here are some of the things I’m thinking through when I’m riding. Here’s some of the stuff going on in my life.’ I just wanted to make another record speaking about my experiences and speaking about what’s in front of me.”

S.O. was one of the Lamp Mode artists to participate in the label’s inaugural Chopping Block Conference in Los Angeles. He took the opportunity to shoot a video for Riding Through Nacogdoches.

“I thought it would be good to shoot a video with my fans at the moment right then and there,” S.O. said. “The Chopping Block Conference was great obviously. I was teaching on social media. What we did is in between (teaching) times we invited fans to be part of the video.”


Lawren released the first single and music video, "Slums" featuring WHATUPRG and Ty Brasel, from his upcoming third project entitled As You Pass, Go.

"The project itself is about dying to our sin as followers of Christ and going into our neighboring versions of "Judea" and "Samaria" as Jesus has commanded us to do. Lawren's reality was that he was from an area of Miami, Florida that some would refer to as the "slums". Having lived through it himself, he can speak to the challenges of living in these types of environments."

"Lawren feels a unique calling to share the hope of Jesus with those who grew up in these same environments, those whom some churches have either forgotten or find they can't relate to. The song has a double meaning as well. Lawren is proud of where he came from and that is what "Slums" embodies. WHATUPRG crafted the hook alongside Lawren, displaying WHATUPRG's undoubtable swagger and confidence. "Slums" came out of the relationship that WHATUPRG and Lawren built while Lawren lived in Atlanta."

As You Pass, Go. is set to relasee on April 28, pre-order it on iTunes and get "Slums" instantly.




  1. Dennis Rodman (prod. OnBeatMusic)
  2. Misunderstood (feat. J. Carter) [prod. DFree]
  3. Bar Exam (feat. Matt Tisdale, Cutright, A. Ward, Loso & DJ Wade-O) [prod. DFree]
  4. Interlude (prod. D.Lylez & OZ)
  5. No Regrets (feat. D.Lylez) [prod. DFree & Mpax]
  6. Hope feat. Abby Valdez) [prod. DFree]
  7. Marathon (feat. Amberlea) [prod. DFree & D.Lylez]
  8. Outro (feat. Hillyana) [prod. DFree]

Download Chicago-based artist Hector Dominguez (formerly known as Witness) newest free EP project Misunderstood - The Story of Hector Dominguez

"These last two years of my life have been the most challenging for me," he said. "Both my wife and my father almost died within this time frame. I was ex-communicated from my community/fellowship group, and it caused me to really take a good look at my life.

"It was during this time that I started realizing things about myself and realized that God didn’t create me to impress anybody else. God created me to reflect him with my life, my wife, my children, my art, my walk and this is what I hope to communicate with my music. I’m giving you guys my all [on] this project, and if you rock with me after this, I really appreciate you. If you don’t get [it], it's cool, I guess I’m just misunderstood! Music should be a reflection of who you are, and I am Hector Dominguez, and this is my story.”


Rhode Island-based artist Cru Alxndr released his debut single as "a recently shifted Christian rapper," "Guard Down, God Down," in which a release says he "talks about the hardships of letting go and letting God. Cru paints a picture for listeners who need a push of faith, or are looking for some laid-back Monday motivation in a spiritual and flesh sense." 

The track is produced by Walterwarm & Cowode.

Cru is working on his debut album with no release date announced for the project yet.


Download Killeen, Texas-based artist Rian Green's single "Chicken & Eagles" from his latest project The Lost Majority

"'Chickens & Eagles" which stands for the difference between being a coward and being fearless. Many times we as believers can become stagnant in our walk with Christ due to lack of faith and fear of the unknown. Chickens stay in a coop with other chickens and are unable to fly amongst other birds." a press release stated.

"On the other side of the coin you have eagles. Eagles can fly solo or alongside others and do not need to depend on the next bird for protection or direction. They are known to fly at a very high altitude and do so with ease knowing they have their wings to keep them up. The wings are a metaphor to the Holy Spirit of our Lord and Savior. For we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us ( Phil 4:13 ) if we cast out our fear of the unknown and trust in His hand over our life."