Atlanta Street Art Scene

With roots deep in the music culture, Atlanta is certainly no stranger to the art community. However, it has not been until recent years that the scene has seized the attention of the public eye. The number of artists residing in the city has begun to surge, and art culture is now a part of everyday urban life. 

Street Art

If street art is your thing, you’re in luck. Atlanta was recently recognized as one of the best cities in the country for viewing art, largely thanks to local organizations such as Living Walls. Public art has evolved from the era of spray-paint-heavy graffiti to large painted murals you could envision hanging in your living room. Local artists continue to evolve ordinary spaces into extraordinary places. Besides Midtown, some other great areas to see street art are Old Forth Ward, Edgewood Avenue, Krog Street, Cabbagetown and the Atlanta Beltline.